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Originally Posted by Foxrally View Post
Oh boy, a new shop! And a cool-looking one, too! Well I'm really curious about the custom Pokeball thing, so i'll start you off (and at the same time bring some attention to this shop) by requesting one! :D

Pokémon: Torterra
Notes: Take your time, no need to rush or anything. Also, no need for any private message when you're done, I check this section of the forum daily and I'll notice when you're done with it. ;)
This is actually my second shop, a newer version of Laugh's Resources which I closed down and never reopened. I'm hoping this shop will be better than the last one, though! Anyway, here's your request!

I made it extra special for my first customer. Hope you like it! You can always ask for a redo, of course. Thanks for requesting, and telling your friends about my sprite shop would definitely help me out a lot!

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