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Originally Posted by Kaphotics View Post
Editing any narc before the wild data will shift the offset where the wild data is at, screwing up the program. So any alteration to that Trainer narc for example will screw this program up.

It's better to just extract the Encounter Table narc itself and use this editor.

bw - a172
b2w2 - a173

you can alternatively use Kazo's BWWE, which works fine on a narc basis.
I've never worked with narc files before because I'm just now getting into this so I'm still unfamiliar with how they behave. But if for example I've already used this tool to edit wild data, would it be possible to extract the encounter table from that modded rom, then edit the trainer data, then reinsert the extracted table? Or would the extracted table not line up properly with the shift made by the trainer data?
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