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Quote originally posted by Keizaal:
*jaw drops due to amazing CSS*

Considering how amazing your Pokeballs look. I can't wit until fusions arrive! I've too many people just recolour and slap a tail onto the ball. Yours look 10x better and actually look like the Pokemon that they were made from! (Example. You Sunkern ball is the only one I've seen that actually has a stripe. And I've seen NOBODY actually scratch parts for a Pokeball.) I admire the effort you put into these!

Pokémon: Espeon
Notes: No need to notify me! Like Foxrally said, I'm pretty active and always check this forum first!
Wow, that is literally the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me about my work. Thank you so much! But I do have a confession, though: I don't really scratch the parts for my custom PokéBalls. I just sort of take them off of the original Pokémon and edit them a little bit so that it would be appropriate for a PokéBall. Anyway, here's your request!

Hope you like it! You can always ask for a redo, of course. Thanks for requesting, and telling your friends about my sprite shop would definitely help me out a lot! Oh, and thanks for that comment about the CSS! It took me quite a long time to make it look the way it is now.
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