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Originally Posted by Laugh View Post
This is actually my second shop, a newer version of Laugh's Resources which I closed down and never reopened. I'm hoping this shop will be better than the last one, though! Anyway, here's your request!

I made it extra special for my first customer. Hope you like it! You can always ask for a redo, of course. Thanks for requesting, and telling your friends about my sprite shop would definitely help me out a lot!

I honeslty have no idea what to say about your stuff. Looking at the Espeon Pokeball Keizaal Asked for, I'm starting to wish I asked for that too! :P

Also, Thanks for making it special, I'll make sure to rate your thread and mention it to anyone who needs a custom sprite. :D

Also, looking at that other Torterra Pokeball, I'm not saying it's bad, but it's definitely not as good as yours. (or is in an old Pokeball you made?)
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