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Originally Posted by Quicksand. View Post
I have a few questions before I make my intro post.
How many moves are each pokemon allowed to have?
Will we be able to catch other starters eventually? Say I wanted to catch a turtwig or someone wanted to catch a buneary. Would that be possible?
Will there be contests?
Where would you like me to start Sadie at? I could start at Twinleaf, but it might take me a while to catch up, especially since were supposed to be at Jubilife already. Or maybe Sandgem or route 202?

Those are my only questions… for now. :p im really excited to see how certain events unfold. Especially how Ariadne will react once she finds out the mines have been closed indefinitely. xDD

also, id like my egg move to be ice punch please.
1. 6 moves. Nothing more nothing less. I will notify you guys if here in OOC if you are able to learn a move once you reach the limit.
2. Well, I am avoiding it, since it actually defeats the purpose of a starter. It should be a unique Pokemon, so no. I will not be making any of the other starter unavailable. I think you noticed that I left Shinx out in the wild. Don't worry, other starters from other regions (like Charmander and the like) will be made available.
3. Yes, there will be contests. However, like gyms, it's not required.
4. You could start in Twinleaf. As I said, I am now leaving you guys to your own pace, as there are also some real life things I need to see to before this. Or start anywhere you wanted to.

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