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I like the idea, its very intriguing, and I've always loved the shadow series, it was one of the best series in a while, (even if they havent made a new one yet >:l)

I see several problems arising, such as the most notable "call" how will this change gameplay? when you battle it overrides "run" if the opponent has a shadow, but not if you do (at least thats how I believe it used to work) the problem is that you either cannot run from wild pokemon battle, or make shadow pokemon useless, as they go into hyper mode and can only come out of it when they are called - unless you have changed this feature it remains a problem

the other is that the struggle seems very onesided - I know nothing of the "light" pokemon, though the benefit of shadow pokemon is their increased stats and their high crit ratio with hyper mode - but one would not keep having shadow pokemon as they could not level giving the player the motivation to "unlock their hearts"
however, eliminating the leveling barrier makes me think why even bother? their shadow moves always are super effective and they are strong, why bother unlocking their hearts?

though now that I think of it, when you unlock their hearts, do they become light pokemon? is that the reason you would purify them? and even still, what are the benefits of a light pokemon? how is it balanced with some sort of "bad stuff"?

simply, the problem I see is that eliminating some key features really causes major problems in implementing a balanced ratio, you would ideally want a normal pokemon due to the fact they can learn new moves and level up, shadow pokemon are only good until they get purified because after a while they are still under leveled and eventually their stat buff means nothing, but iunno your plans for light pokemon, maybe their bad stuff is that they are cocky and have a high rate of ignoring orders

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