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Originally Posted by XmarkXalanX View Post
I'm back, and ready for more criticism.

Route X5 from Neo Destiny. Still not sure how I'm feeling about the general layout of this Route. The southern exit leads to Route X3, the northern gate-exit leads to a forest, the eastern exit leads to a city.

Attachment 69323

Your maps are slowly starting to improve!

I'd like to say, on top of Saving Raven's suggestions, that you still leave some open space. The area around the lake is a large open space. Spruce it up with a tree or two, or even a ledge. You also don't have to have your entrances and exits to the map so wide. Try to close them off some more with trees. Also, try and spread your flowers out some more. Flowers are great to use since they fill voids, just try and keep them spaced some. Finally, perhaps you should place a little piece of land in the center of your lake and put a hidden item or even a Pokémon there so that the player would find something when he/she surfs it. Lakes need a purpose most of the time, and it is usually to block off a path that requires surf to pass, or to hide item or cave. You usually want to give the player reason to explore it.
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