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Ryan ~ Snover
Part 2

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Ryan jumped back, staring at the beaming Mareep in front of him.

"I-I thought th-that thi-this - so sorry - I-I had n-no" he began, stuttering apologies to Janna.

The latter looked at him and laughed, amused by his reaction.

"Well then, consider that meal to be your welcome gift, Ryan! I'm actually a vendor and supporter of Pokecommunity, so people come to me here for any berries they need. I have everything, from simple Oran berries to the exotic Figy berries! And believe it or not -" She leaned in to whisper to him "I've even been growing a secret batch or Miracle Berries! Exciting, right?"

She sighed and looked at the now setting sun. "Well, I suppose you have other stuff to do, like getting ready for the Big Expedition tomorrow. I won't be holding you here any longer. The gate's that way, right next to the Persim bushes. Good Luck for Tomorrow! Oh, and also, have another one of those berries. I suppose I can't let you leave without a reminder of our encounter, can I?" she chucked, and using headbutt on the tree, an Oran berry fell down. She handed it to Ryan, saying it was a gift.

Ryan thanked her and put the berry in his hat. Just as he did so, he felt a jolt of electricity zap him. He looked at Janna, who was looking around her berry plants.

Whoa, again? Must be the excitement, I guess. Or Janna playing me a trick.

After having left Janna's Berry Farm, Ryan looked around. he was now right in the middle of the village. The sun was close to setting now, and many of the shops were already closing down. He looked around for somewhere to go. Janna had told him where to go to reach Ozzy's friend zone, so he decided to go there, to meet up with his fellow guild members.

Hopefully I'll find someone on the way there, it would be nice having a friend or someone to talk to.

Just as he thought this, he heard a faint yet distinguishable noise. A bell, it seemed. He looked around, and saw that a miltank was resting on a boulder not far from him.

Oh hey, that might be a guild member. And if it isn't, I could always ask him for help on finding one.

He walked up to the miltank. "Hey, nice bell you got there! I heard it from all the way over there, so you were the first person to attract my attention. I'm Ryan, by the way. I'm new to this town, but I was looking for a member of the Pokecommunity guild, which was said to be camping here. Could you possibly direct me to one?"

Ryan waited for the Merry-Looking Miltank's Answer.
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