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Can I get some advice about colleges?

I live in Arkansas, and from what I've gathered, there are generally two types of colleges around here: expensive, 20k colleges and party colleges. I actually really, really want to go to Lyon, but $20k is way out of my range; if I want to go to college, I have to pay for it with financial aid, because I am flat out broke. I have a 29 on my ACT, which should pay off most lower universities, but I'm wondering if any of you know personally which colleges in the area have a generally hard working populace, but won't beat you with a rule book if you occasionally go to a party or something.

Another thing I really want to know about is, if all else should fail, what about colleges in Canada? I don't have family up there anymore, but all my uncles who lived there really enjoyed it, and I've heard tuition is much cheaper. What I don't know is, do ACTs transfer across national boundaries, or would I have to take the SAT? If the latter, would it be worth it?

Sorry I'm so long winded. U wU I'm just frazzing out about it.

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