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Originally Posted by Rai View Post
I have been playing a lot lately and failing a lot too.

I started training my Happiny and doing everything I could to make it friendly toward me, thinking that friendliness was what made it evolve into Chansey. I trained and trained and then finally realized I needed an item for it to evolve. I got it in my head that you used a Lucky Egg to make it evolve because, you know, Chansey's have eggs. Fail. It still wouldn't evolve with the Lucky Egg so I finally decided to look it up and to my dismay, it needed an Oval Stone to evolve. Did I have one? No. And getting one in Black 2 would be very difficult because you can only get them in dust clouds. Fail. So I decided to come back to that later.

The next pokemon that was in my PC box was a Shelmet so I started training it. And training it and training. I was wondering yet again why it wasn't evolving. Then I remembered you had to trade it with a Karrablast to get it to evolve and I couldn't find my other DS. Fail. So I decided again to come back later.

I put those two aside and decided to train an Oshawott and Pawniard. I also did some breeding and got myself a Wynaut which I need for my National Dex.

After this, I finally redeemed myself of the other two fails. I checked my Black and saw that I had an Oval Stone. Next, I caught a Karrablast and had it hold the Oval Stone. Having found my other DS, I used the Karrablast to trade with myself. I traded my Shelmet to Black and the Karrablast to Black 2. They both evolved (hallelujah!). I put the Oval Stone in my bag. I decided to keep my new Accelgor in my Black 2, so instead of trading it back to Black, I traded over an extra Riolu. In return for it, I got back my newly evolved Escavalier. Next I gave the Oval Stone to my Happiny and it evolved right away. It evolved into Blissey soon after.

And so my fails were completed.

B2 Unova Dex

Seen: 298
Obtained: 264
You have B2, what a shame... I would've liked to trade with you for some exclusives if you had W2, since your goal is the same as mine (to complete the Pokédex).

In my game I've done a lot of things. I caught most legendaries, got everyone to L74, but I'm bored of my in-game team so I'm breeding some stuff to replace them. Currently in the process of catching Dittos with the right natures to help make things easier.

The most relevant fights I did were the Colress and Striaton battles. I paired with Chili and concentrated on killing Cress while Chili took care of Cilan. The Colress battle went smooth. IMO it's one of the coolest battles in the game, because of his strategy, but it's also interesting in that his ace Pokémon, Klinklang, is actually a good deal weaker that a few of his other Pokémon, namely Metagross and Magnezone.

The way I do the B2W2 postgame: I prefer to go to all unvisited routes first, to unlock the remaining cities. IMO the priority is to reach Nuvema Town since Cedric will give you the Super Rod, making things easier. On the way, I catch [email protected] The Colress battle might be a little difficult if you're underleveled (I wasn't, to my surprise, since I haven't been using the Lucky Egg in a while). In Route 18 there's a female Veteran with a Salamence that's quite difficult if you're unprepared, and also another one with a Tyranitar which will hurt a lot if you don't have a Pokémon strong against it. It's also where you get the Magma Stone, thus unlocking Heatran. In Wellspring Cave you find Veteran Shaun, the strongest redshirt trainer in the game. He opens with Gyarados and his roster includes Snorlax and Excadrill. He might be as hard as Cynthia actually.

I have a small project for B2W2: make a team consisting of each generation only. I'll also post my monotype teams later on and I plan on them having Pokémon from all five generations too. The generation-specific teams are, right now, the following (will need to trade for some of them):

Kanto: Arcanine/Starmie/Gengar/Machamp/Dragonite/Nidoking (or Jolteon)
Johto: Houndoom/Tyranitar/Heracross/Kingdra/Ampharos (or Espeon)/Crobat (or Skarmory)
Hoenn: Camerupt/Salamence/Absol/Walrein/still choosing the rest
Sinnoh: Magmortar/Gallade/Honchkrow/Roserade/Mamoswine (or Rhyperior) (or Garchomp)/Luxray
Unova: Volcarona/Hydreigon/Excadrill/Eelektross/Braviary/Mienshao (or Seismitoad)

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