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Thanks to southpark32, we now have club userbars with GenV shiny starters!! Feel free to add them to your sigs!





Take out the asterisks in front of the IMG, and your sig is now shinier!! A huge thanks to southpark32 for making these!

Quote originally posted by Cidem Taberif:
Hi there everyone! I'm new to the forum and thought this would be fun to join!

Quote originally posted by TrainerMusaddiq:
Im A Member Or Not?

Quote originally posted by mucus:
Hey there, new member here.

Quote originally posted by southpark32:

Quote originally posted by Seattle:
I didn't even know this club existed.


Quote originally posted by Paulthagerous:
It had been roughly 5000-6000 RE's since my last shiny, so a short(ish) search.

Quote originally posted by Iceman3317:
Hey guys! It has been a while since I last got a shiny, but I have some good news. I have actually gotten 2 and found a 3rd that I had on my White version.

Congrats on those shinies!

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