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Sinnoh wasn't particularly one of my most favourite regions. Emerald was my most favourite game and therefore I feel obliged to say that Hoenn was the best region, even though there are many things that can be improved. Johto and Kanto will forever have a place in my heart, as I had racked up over 750+ hours collectively on my Gold and Yellow games. However I thought Kanto always tended towards the boring side slightly with too many long and relatively empty caves. Unova was just plain and straight-forward and was boring in my book. My final ranking is:

1 - Hoenn
2 - Johto
3 - Kanto
4 - Sinnoh
5 - Unova

(Quick fact, the original internal batteries on my Yellow and Red are still running fine and hard nearly 20 years later! Albeit Red never got much use)
I have access to a Ditto Friend Safari

I can trade you captured ditto's with the 2 corresponding IV's that you want

All I ask for is hidden ability pokemon in return

Currently looking for:
-MALE Gastly with Perish Song, 5IVs and from regions other than Australia (JAP, SPA, ITA ect.)
-Assault Vest
-Ability Capsule

FC: 1993-8587-9003
PM me first
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