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Quote originally posted by charizard1912:
Hello guys, i'm new around here! can you answer some questions for me please? I love this game, it's the best hack ever but i'm stucked. i'm in the ocean archipielago or something like that and i cannot get trough one island. after battling with team rocket, i have nowhere to go. i have passed all the greepaberries islands and that stuff. wanna know if that's the end of the hack or what should i do now? thankss
Quote originally posted by xSabirr:
I know how you feel, I have been stuck there for almost two months I think .____.
How many time do I have to repeat it...? Continue through water route... you have Lapras who knows Surf so use it...
You should always find a way because the end of beta is in place with waterfall... if you read previous posts, you would know that.

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