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As they hobbled along Lerion almost gasped when he felt the weight on his shoulder increase and noticed the way Chris slumped against him, and that his cat features were gone too. "Aw crap, he's lost consciousness! That's not good, we gotta get him to the nurse's quick! Uh...ok I'll carry Chris and you-" Before he could ask Milly if she was feeling any better the guy with the bow from the fight showed up and told them to stay put then hurried away before he had a chance to answer. "Let's keep going till he gets back, Chris can't afford for us to stop at this point." Lerion is a strong guy, almost inhumanly so, but lifting up a person that was pure dead weight with one arm was still not easy, he laid Chris over his left shoulder and kept leading Milly along and trying to help her keep her balance. He wasn't even sure she still needed his help but he was in a rush so he didn't ask yet.

They made progress, but not as much as Lerion'd like when the other guy showed back up with a stretcher, he was relieved to help the guy put Chris in the stretcher, he was about to help lift up the stretcher when he smelled blood again, but not Chris' this time. "'re hurt too I can handle the stretcher myself. Besides...we don't know if Milly's ready to-just stay ahead of me and make sure nobody gets in our way and the doors are open, I'll make sure they get there...actually on second thought help, but let me handle most of the wait, I seem to have taken the least damage of anyone in the fight...the luck of being late I suppose."

He picked up the stretcher and the veins in his temple stood at attention as he concentrated and had bits of upward force here or there under the stretcher to keep it balanced, he hadn't been doing much with his telekinesis but he had been using it steadily ever since he started trying to help Chris and Milly, and his headache was becoming a migraine. Lerion turned towards Milly, not believing what he was about to say, even being near women made him nervous but...this was no time to think about his own psychological problems. "We don't have time to just walk anymore I think, if you're still feeling off go ahead and hop on my me I can carry both of you if I need to, long as you guys get there alright."

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