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Blinking hard, Milly stood dumb struck by first Lerion’s statement about his Gynophobia then Chris’ teary confession of feelings for her. Volt’s sudden appearance the disappearance didn’t help and without enough time get a word in edgewise with any of the three guys Milly felt drown in emotional and physical turmoil.

The day had begun that morning so normally, well to a point, but as each second ticked by Kaiko was beginning to feel like her sanity was ebbing away. Things had just gone from bad to worse with her day beginning with detention then an enraged mermaid followed by a head injury, two badly beaten up friends and one unconscious. Of course when Chris had slumped, her heart leapt for fear that they would not make it in time, but perfectly timed as per usual, Volt appeared and ran to fetch a stretcher. At first, when he came back, the young werewolf had felt a spark of hope ignite inside her, the flickering hope of Volt bringing back some clarity to their current situation. However this was disappointed by how he spoke. Despite hitting her head pretty hard, it clearly was not hard enough to render her unable to spot Volt’s furrowed brow when he addressed her.

Wrinkling her nose in confusion, Milly felt her shoulders slump. Guys were weird and with her head now throbbing painfully she gave up trying to think about their strange ways and focused on the present which consisted of Lerion and Volt struggling with an unconscious Chris.
“If you are still feeling off, go ahead and jump on my back..” Leroin’s voice cut into her internal monologue and almost jumping, she looked at him with a kind smile before shaking her head. He had already said he was surprised that he was already to hold her hand and give her support so a piggy back was probably pushing their luck and besides she didn’t want to make the new guy feel even worse about his first day. Enraged mermaid and a collapsed classmate was bad enough for anyone.
“I’ll be ok.” It was a lie, but a white one. The guys needed help and she was their friend so regardless of her needs right now, theirs were greater. Slipping her hand away from Lerion, Milly smiled, ignoring the dizziness and the way she leaned slightly to the right, before jogging unsteadily ahead to grab the first doors. When she got there, every now and then sending back glances to check where the guys were, she pulled open the first of the double doors and wedged herself against it. The other was held open by an unlucky fellow first year boy, whom Milly had barked at to hold the door open as he passed by. The boy’s small face peered worriedly from the side-lines, switching back and forth between Milly the trio slowly approaching the door.

“What the hell happened?” He asked, his voice a lot deeper than Milly would have first thought for a guy whom was not much taller than herself.

“Accident.” Milly answered simply, after pausing for a second to think over her response. The boy however, seemed unconvinced, his eye brows cocked in a questioning manner to which Milly promptly ignored, with her head spinning she couldn’t think clearly and thus decided not to at all.
So when she did not explain in any more detail, the boy shrugged and pressed himself back against the wall as the guys neared, to which Milly gave a polite apologetic smile. Glad that the boy had twigged that now was not the time to chit chat.

However, despite her first hopes, the boy spoke once more. “Are you ok? I mean I can see from the state of friends something happened. But you have blood running down the side of your face…”
Milly’s hand shot up at this, finger tips seeking out the warm slip of red which trickled down her cheek. When she pulled back to examine her hand she noted the red blood staining her fingers and cringed, but held her head high and ignored the flipping notion her stomach now preformed.
“I’ll, erm… I’ll be ok.” Milly once again lied, shrugging as she spoke as if it would make the lie more convincing. It didn’t. The boy shook his head and frowned but stayed where he was, holding open his side of the double doors.

“Listen. You can run ahead if you like. I will keep the doors open.”
It was a sweet offer but Milly refused, once again offering a soft smile as she shook her head.
“I’ll be fine.” She insisted. “Besides, I want to make sure all three of my mates get in alright.” She grinned and the boy nodded in reply as all conversation, much to Milly’s relief, stopped. Lerion and Volt only a few steps away from the door now.

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