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Cheryll Renee Moreau

Cheryll sniffled as she finally stopped crying. Sitting upright in her bed she sniffled again wiping at her cheeks. Thinking back she figured she probably acted a little irrationally, but she was so upset about Gav..Terra she reminded herself. Several minutes of staring at the walls of her room Cheryll eventually got out of her bed. I...I shouldn't push Allister and Yorick away. she thought.

Leaving her room not caring that she looked a mess from crying she walked to the infirmary only to find several other students there but no Allister. he's probably in the library or in his dorm she thought going to check the library first. Sure enough her friend was there sitting at a table surrounded by books. "y-your...your not going to stop being my friend...are you?" she asked quietly.


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