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"Alright man, but don't strain yourself."

You begin moving backwards, slowly, up the steps and into the building. Your end of the stretcher was lighter- although that didn't mean it wasn't heavy, either. Chris's corpse body lay on the stretcher, and you were very well aware that he wasn't exactly fat or anything, but he definitely wasn't light, either. This made you think back to earlier, where you had very conveniently had a pigeon drop a turd on Chris; now, rather than being the idiot, you felt a bit bad for it, and decide that you're going to get him to the nurse, as if to repay a debt. And it worsens when you see a trickle of blood down Milly's face. You need to get to the nurse- Chris isn't about to die on a stretcher! C'mon... let's do this!

It was with that you bit your lip and began to fully apply your force. You continue gradually, now quicker. "C'mon man, we can do this!" The whisper barely escaped your mouth, and you begin to round the hall and clench your teeth. Just a bit farther... c'mon Kakori! It's with this that you get him into the nurse's office, sweating. You lay your side of the stretcher on the ground as the nurse runs over, grabbing him and placing him on a cot gently. Although you're surprised at the strength that she wields, you sit down on a chair. Your arm hurts, but you're glad you got him back into the nurse's office. The nurse examines him, worriedly.

"That's not good... oh my, not good at all."

"You'll still be able to fix it up, right?"

She chuckles. "Don't underestimate my ability."



"Sorae Kakori Jenai. The girl over there is..." You tell each name, or as least as much as you know. The nurse writes these on a notepad, before beginning to attend to each one of them, beginning with Chris. You stand up to leave.

"Where do you think you're going? You're still wounded." The nurse says this without looking back.

"I'm just going to get a Dr. Pepper. But first..." You take a clean washcloth and wipe the blood off of Milly's face. "It's not so serious, so just hold the washcloth on where the blood is coming out until the nurse treats you. Ciao." You walk out, unraveling the bandages on your lower arm and wrapping them on your upper arm instead. "Much better." You get a Dr. Pepper for yourself, and considering you have a bit extra, you get one for Lerion and Milly as well. You return to the nurse's office with the refreshments, before leaning on the wall right outside the office, sighing. You want to talk, but simultaneously, you don't. You're leaning towards the former though...

You flick the tab of the soda can upwards and take a sip. Soda. Delicious as always.
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