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Originally Posted by Renpuu View Post
What did I just read. Who the hell calls their girlfriend "baby boo" ? Is that something out of dragonball Z "Baby kidd buu ?"
Okay we get the message, you love your girlfriend but seriously you don't need to go into all this detail to show or say how much you love her.
The heart skipping beats and butterflies sounds so cliche. I kinda hate talking about feelings like this, it just seems everything has been said or done. It just seems cringe worthy to me. Some people will generally take what you have produced here and be like "awwwwwwwwww...." and others like me will go "okay..cringe worthy". Girls love simplicity and maybe just saying a few simple words or remembering something romantic and showing her will do the trick.
Maybe take her out to where you first met, show her pictures of when you first got together or something she really likes that you enjoy together and write a simple message on it.
You are her man and you should know what she it's up to you !

No need to re-sight a sonnet or a love poem.
Oh ._. Well she is kinda my first girlfriend. And me and her have never met in person. Soooo yeah :L
And thanks...I guess :/

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