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I would love to help out! I think I'm perfect for this because ive been a huge pokemon fan for quite some time now ive played the first version before and I have ideas in my head just waiting to be spread :D

Skills(Mostly looking for Scripters, Mappers, Inserters): Im not the best at coding but like i said, i have ideas floating around in my mind so i would like to go for a scripter

Proof of Work(I need to know how good you are at the specific area of which you're applying for): Ive made quite a few Minecraft maps (Some people haven't heard of it before) but mine are scripted.

Availability(I know everyone has a life, trust me. However, I need active members on the team at least 3 or 4 times a week.): Im on the computer almost every day for the rest of the summer so i can put in a few hours everyday or every other day. And starting september i can put in an hour on week days and a few hours on the weekend
Are you D.C.I.D.T.(Devoted, Consistent, Interested, Determined, a Team player): Ive always been a team player, for everything. And I am extremely devoted and determined. And i am ver interested

Thank you and i will (hopefully) talk to you soon!