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Yorick Amherst Lee - Infirmary

Yorick laid the two people he was carrying onto a pair of beds and told the nurse they were injured (despite it being self explanatory). He had told them he would ask their names after the fight, so he decided that it would be best not to waste an opportunity to ask when they woke up and chose to stay there and wait for them to wake up. As he sat there waiting, he was approached by Frio who promptly placed a note into his pocket. Before Yorick could ask him, he said, "Please give this to Elise." He turned to walk away, but also added "Also, to everyone involved and not involved, I was the one who killed the lycan. It is best that way."

As Frio walked away, Yorick called after him. “Why would you lie? Elise must take responsibility for her crime!” However, Frio did not seem to hear and just wandered off. It did not make any sense, but then again, much else concerning this event didn’t either. Left with nothing else to do, Yorick reached into his bag and took out his dictionary which he continued reading. As he did so, he noticed some familiar scents approaching, namely those belonging to Higoroshi-sensei and Solo. Why would Sense bring Solo’s body to the infirmary? He watched as he asked the nurse to determine the cause of death. Yorick, however, knew the cause of death already. Frio had told him that he should consider him the one who did it, though. He thought about this for a moment before sensei addressed him directly.

"Yorick. Are they okay?" He asked him. He was with another woman who Yorick did not recognize but had a slightly fish-like scent that did not match that of anyone in the class. While he was smelling, he noticed a faint scent he had missed before. It seemed that Allister had been here not too long ago, but had since gone elsewhere. Perhaps he would ask him about that next time they met. However, now he had to answer sensei.

"Yorick, are you okay?" The woman with sensei asked him. "I got your name from Higoroshi-sensei." she smiled kindly at him. "I am Divine, a member of Fairytale... or a spy that spied on Fairytale." Divine admitted. Members of Fairytale were criminals, but she did not quite seem like a bad person. Of course, Elise was proof enough that being a criminal was separate from being good or bad. Yorick did not really see what keeping close watch on Fairytale did to change anything, though. He was unaware that being a spy implied delivering that acquired knowledge to another side.

"Don't lie, you were a member of Fairytale until I came to tell you the truth about Fairytale." sensei said as if to correct her. So was she no longer a member? And what was this truth?

"O-Or that..." she giggled in response.

“Yes, I am well and they are alive and should be able to recover.” Yorick put his dictionary away in his bag before continuing. “Sensei, why are you trying to ascertain Solo’s cause of death? It is clear he was killed by flames and the only student present at the battle who used flame was Elise. Thus, it should be clear that it was her who killed Solo, something I witnessed happen. However, I do not understand why Frio would tell me that it was he who did it. Elise must take responsibility for her crimes.” Yorick stood up and held his head, worried that the questions might trigger another event like at the graveyard. “Another thing I can not understand is why you have even removed Solo from his place. That graveyard is in the middle of a forest and would not make it too difficult for him to return to the planet. However, such a thing could not happen within this infirmary. It would be difficult anywhere in the school. Do you intend to prevent him from being consumed and decomposed?” Too much made too little sense.

After he had finished speaking, he noticed many others crowding into the infirmary, one by one by one by four. One of the ones to enter was another mage unfamiliar to Yorick who introduced himself as Sagishi Hokori, known as “Trix”, from the U.K., child of a human and a mage, and practitioner of illegal magic. Hopefully sensei would do something about it if it truly was illegal. Another who entered was Elise, and Yorick was glad that she was here at the same time as sensei. He did not actually want for her to be punished, but he knew that she had a responsibility to face and wanted her to understand that as well. The next one to enter was Cheryll, but before Yorck could say anything, she left. Perhaps she could not see him because of all the others filling the room. Finally, four students entered at once, the only one whose name he knew was Chris’ (who looked quite injured) from when he introduced himself in class. He, the werewolf, and another boy were all people he had seen in class, but the last, a Lycan, was not someone he recognized. After a little, the unknown boy left and eventually returned while the Lycan seemed to be moving to leave himself.

Yorick remained standing in case someone required rest on a chair more than he did, considering how he was not too wounded or even tired. He hoped that he would not have to wait too long for answers from sensei or for the two he had brought to wake.
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