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Crystal Bugmono Update


Started game named self Crystal chose totodile
went to cherrygrove and mr pokemons house and back named rival Silver
Caught Ledyba and Caterpie, got both to LV 7
Beat Joey's TOP PERCENTAGE RATTATTA (top percentage my arse)
got to violet city grinded to LV 10 off wild bellsprout (Caterpie evolved to metapod and butterfree)
trained in sprout tower
beat falkner fairly easily Pidgey was a tacklefest with ledyba then i confused pidgeotto and died before sending in butterfree to finish it off
got to Azalea cleared rocket out of well
Azalea gym was fairly easy ledyba took down the cocoons and grew to LV 18 butterfree took down scyther with sleep powder + confusion
Ledyba evolved into Ledian
went through forest caught paras cutslave
got to goldenrod taught ledian Thunderpunch and Ice Punch
Goldenrod gym was hard the trainers were fine but GDI whitney,
Attempt 1: Clefairy mimics ice punch and get freezehax killing ledian butterfree takes it down only to meet a rollout to the face for OHKO
Attempt 2: After grinding a bit ledian took down clefairy with headbutt then hit a supersonic on miltank before dieing, i did some awesome predicting and kept the thing asleep to prevent healing as much as i could while chipping away with confusion finally the fat cow was down thanks to Fluttershy.
did some cool shiz involving self trading to do the Bug Catching contest twice in order to catch scyther and pinsir (the old team's coming together) and caught a venonat outside the contest,
caught ariados on the next route (yeah not even spinarak i encountered a freaking lv 15 ariados)
Grinded all to lv 20ish (butter and ledian were already at 26)
Went to ecruteak trained venonat on trainers Butterfree swept 3/4 of morty's team (one of the huanters used curse so i switched to venonat to kill the second one to avoid curse damage)
Got to olivine and did the lighthouse

My plan is to get scyther to LV 30 and keep it there then get a metal coat by thief on a wild magnemite to get a scizor with metal claw (learns at 30 and you dont get another coat till SS aqua by that point you'll be around the mid 40s and theres no move relearner)

Current Team

Fluttershy (Butterfree) LV 25)
Sleep Powder

Tyson (Ledian) LV 26
Thunder Punch
Ice Punch
Comet Punch

Trixie (Venonat) LV 25
Leech Life

Peter (Ariados) LV 24
Poison Sting
Night Shade
Scary Face

Dickpinch (Pinsir) LV 25
Focus Energy
Seismic Toss

Sasuke (Scyther) LV 25
False Swipe
Quick Attack
Focus Energy