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Originally Posted by Silais View Post
Personally, I hate the idea of abortion, but I find that it's a better alternative to raising a child in a home that cannot mentally or physically support it. Women should have the right to choose when they have a child, even if they were irresponsible and got pregnant because they weren't using protection. Some women do not have the choice of contraception because they're poor; is it really our right to tell them they can't have sex just because they could get pregnant? Sex is one of the rights of being a human being that should not...and taken away, regardless of economic status, race, or religion. There should always be another option for women.

Some people claim that it's cruel to kill the unborn child, but is it any less cruel to let them live in a home where they are unwanted or so poor that they have little to no future? Ask yourself that before you condemn abortion as cruel and unusual punishment.
That's a very interesting, alternative point of view. Thank you very much for that addition!
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