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So many fish could be caught with all the worms from this can

Something interesting I read not too long ago, an argument for why abortion should be allowed: Up to a certain point of development an embryo/zygote/fetus/baby/etc. can't feel pain and therefore can't suffer or feel pleasure. Being unable to suffer means it can't even show the most basic preference for one thing or another. Everything is equal. It's essentially a lump of living human stuff, but completely unaware and unthinking. It's not that we can't know if it wants to live, it can't have a desire to be alive in the first place. The only desire to keep it living is in other people so then it becomes a matter of whose desire is more important, which would most likely be the woman with the embryo/fetus/baby.

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An interesting policy to consider is sterilization of men and women who have multiple children without any sort of way of financing for the childrens' needs. How and should we regulate how many children people are having? Or if their children have been taken out of their home, should these individuals be allowed to have more children? I can see how restricting reproductive rights to those who are not law abiding citizens or have more children then they can support financially could be justifiably limited as those decisions, again, affect more than just the individual; the decisions affect their children and the taxpayers when they make these poor judgments.
This is an interesting question. I would think that, ideally, we wouldn't restrict people from making choices about their reproduction, but that would be in an ideal world were there wasn't lots of poverty and starvation among children and there would be a lot more support for everyone who has children.

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All that and I can't figure out whether you're Pro-Life or Pro-Choice lol
And, ya know, that's not a bad thing. We get caught up in "pro-life" and "pro-choice" identifiers that it makes it hard to have discussions that don't spiral out of control. If I say "I'm pro-choice" someone who thinks of themselves as "pro-life" may disregard everything I say based on my identification, and I may do the same in reverse.
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