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Originally Posted by Slash Beast ∞ View Post
(New avatar, new font theme....I need to cut this out )

That saddening moment when I realize that I don't have any DLC. Well, congrats on your level 61ness. One of my friends used to play this Religiously, now that I think about it. Axton 2 OP

I'm like, level 6. But honestly I haven't been playing it much because of Fallout taking up my time, not to mention FFXIV: We actually did it right Edition. I'll probably get around to playing this game more come my birthday or so, but....too many games coming out.
Not trying to be mean, but holy ****. What's up with that formatting of yours? I'm gonna strain my eyes trying to read what you typed! (This is what it looks like for me, absolutely dreadful)

Anyways Borderlands 2 is coming to PS Vita, great news for me since I have a vita and I liked Borderlands 2, though I hope there aren't no framerate issues of any sort.
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