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A lone Mawile peers down the road. "The coast looks clear" Mallie thinks to herself. After watching for several more minutes she decides it's time to move on, and so heads up the road towards Gold Town.
Her slow pace is interrupted by a swarm of Joltik whom suddenly come up from a hole in the ground, pass over the road, and begin forming a large web in some trees.
She stands still, watching them go about their speedy business, before deciding to sit down on a nearby rock.

"They are so little, but they're making something so big" She ponders, watching.
The spiders finish their web and scurry back down the hole they crawled out of.
"Well that's odd, I wonder what they are up to." She sits, waiting for some time, but they Joltik never reappear.
The rustling of the spiders made some berries fall out of the tree, Mallie slowly rises and heads over to see what they left. Three Oran berries sit on the ground, almost saying "Take us!" to her.
After scooping them up with her large jaws, she turns her sights again towards Gold Town.

She stands near the large web, staring towards the town for some time.
The wind picks up, and blows the fur near her feet about.

"Okay Mallie, time to go" she says to herself, softly.
She nods once, and again begins her trek into the town.