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Quote originally posted by Porygon Z:
I'm doing a Bug monotype with a friend of mine, which is using Fire types.

Can I sign in? Or do I have to start all over again?
I don't really understand what you're asking.
Quote originally posted by Dr. Koga:
I also have a question. If I use a hack of fire red that lets me catch all the 386 pokemon, can I use it and catch pokemon not available in fire red?
Hacks are allowed, and any Pokemon that you are able to catch within the confines of the hack are allowed.
Quote originally posted by AoTora:
I'd love to enter :3 Can I randomize fr so I can encounter more types I need in order to finish this?
Yes you can, but it would count as a hack.
Quote originally posted by atie:
I had a question can I add a little side challenge for myself?

I wanted to play every day another game like today Platinum and tomorrow Emerald
and the day after another etc.

I always wanted to do such thing do the rules support it? Otherwise I'll just stick with a non-chrono patern.
This doesn't break any rules. There is no restrictions on what order you play in.

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