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I know you said no images and stuff but, I couldn't help myself :o
You now have 99 house keys!
Can be pronounced as Cornelia for simplicity's sake.

~ CO0rN--€l¥A ~. Cornelia, also referred to a Corey due to a lack of understanding of her ""real" "name"".
Looks 16, is actually Red years old. Yes, I said Red.
She looks female, even though her gender can be defined as, unsurprisingly, Red.
First off her height is of six feet and a her weight if of 11 stones (70kgs), her skin color is peachy. Exceedingly peachy. Her eyes are a deep crimson red, beeping like a set of slowed-down strobe lights. Said eyes are round and surrounded by large, thick eyelashes, also accompanied by not so thin yet no so thick eyebrows. Her hair is short, of a pure black, and styled in a way that looks as girly and it does look manly. Go figure. Her ears are large and stand out between the strands of her hair.

Her body shape is quite thin and the only particular trait that can be rescued from her appearance is the red cloak that envelops her body. The cloak makes her emit the vibe of evil she feels as needed for some random reason. Aside this, she is seen wearing a set of very tight black jeans. although neither of the two previous pieces of clothing look like the ones you and I would wear, as several lines similar to those on a motherboard run around her clothes. They occasionally light up in a red light to express anger should she ever feel that way. On her forehead is a headband, with a wide H -that looks like an ) ( when carefully inspected-, which for some reason is also bleeping. What can I say, girl loves them strobe lights, as odd as they might come...
Feral Personality:
Not to brag (a lot), but she's quite an adequate trickster, and won't ever hesitate to throw a pie at your face or even a bucket full of water. She laughs on most things, so mostly she'll laugh maniacally even if the joke is far from being made. Think of her laugh as a "Huahuahua" filled with static sounds. Her speech ain't the cutest sound around, y'know? Also, she's a kleptomaniac and tends to produce thousands of copies of the objects she steals, then proceeding to return the original to their owner, and generously donating the rest. Always confident, and actually quite snotty, not to mention incredibly distrustful.

In her feral form, you can say she's quite stubborn, and gets angry with ease. Then you'd be right. Don't make her angry. Her speech is shortened. Ending. Every. Sentence. As Quick. As Possible. You can say her feeling of empathy is non-existant, and her semblance is as angry as you can ever imagine it. In reality she's not angry, but somehow, for some reason, everyone else thinks she is. Her speech in this personality includes sudden subliminal messages, more on it below.
Tamed Personality:
She is a girl. A female, at least. With that said, she's a pink-color aficionado, and a very cheesy individual. Her heart melts at the sight of a Zubat-Man kissing his female that knows not how to act. She also likes birds! It should be noted that she tends to forget some stuff, from the typical 'did I leave the toaster on?' to actually forgetting her name. She is somewhat nice to those she knows, which are no one. Don't mess with her and she won't mess with you. Simple, right? Somewhat shy, preferring to hide away whenever possible. Does not speak unless spoken too.
Glitch Preference:
Cornelia has a fascination for house keys, that said, she'll make as many copies of a single key as she feels a person should ever need, ranging from 99 to a million. Also, she has a tendency to randomly say OB͝EY, S̨U̵BM̡IT or DIE in between sentences for no apparent reason. Her walking is as normal as they come, she walks and she quacks like you and I do... And her neck tends to spin on all 360 degrees like yours and mine do every now and then.
~!!P4Rr /%20/ P4Rr!!~
~!!P4Rr /%20/ P4Rr!!~ is a very docile fellow. He's easy going and is just happy to have a Trainer to follow orders from, even if she's as glitchy as he is... Also, he secretly thinks he's a potato. Makes up for a nice Role-Play in the middle of battles, am I right?
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