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There's a reason why we call the years when religion was a heavy legal weight , 'The Dark Ages'.

On Thursday, Dubai police said they arrested a man who posted an Internet video of an Emirati beating a South Asian van driver after an apparent traffic altercation. Police said they took the action because images of a potential crime were "shared."
I see very little to connect this to the case this topic is based on. Aside from accentuating their deplorable state of government. Honestly though, every type of government has flaws, and people with dirty hands shouldn't point fingers.

Scarf, assuming that practically all reports of rape are true is the very attitude that leads to people reporting less then accurate ones; as people will always do something if they think they can get away with it.
Regardless, either arguement in such a situation is completely faulty. There is no way to gauge the number of false accusations. Unless, of course, you suppose to claim that one-hundred percent of them are exposed?

Personally, I think this is rather unsettling, but unfortunately not uncommon. The 'Legal' system in modern times is less concerned with justice and seeing the right thing done, and more so in upholding rules. And in such is it's folly, as rules can be changed; and men with deep pockets and heavy hands wouldn't have it any other way.
Retroversion in it's foulest.
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