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A language club! I would definitely LOVE to join. <33

What languages do you speak, and how well do you speak them?

I speak English, Malay, Chinese and Japanese. English is my first language and Malay my second (and my country's national language), so I speak, read and write both of them fluently. My Chinese is...fair, I guess. I can speak, read and write very basic Chinese. It's not enough to support me if I were to be plucked up and put into a Chinese-speaking community though. And that is rather embarrassing as I'm Chinese myself. I belong to that group of Chinese who can't speak or have limited command of the Chinese language called 'bananas'. Why, you ask? Yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Get it? Lol. As for my Japanese, I consider it overall to be acceptable. I can speak, read and write basic to intermediate Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana and a limited amount of Kanji), although I need a lot of work on my vocabulary and grammar.

Also, what are some online tools that you use to help learn?

I started self-learning Japanese using guide books and Google Translate. I also took up Japanese classes last year as a university subject, so that definitely aided in my learning as well. I also have dictionaries, both in physical and digital form, which have helped me greatly during my recent trip to Japan. <3 I don't know what I'd do without them. Wait...these aren't all online tools, but it'll do I suppose. :3