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After over 5000 Torchic eggs on Emerald...
After over 3000 Eevee eggs on Pearl...
After over 4000 non-Masuda Nincada eggs on Soul Silver...

We bring you...

A Shiny Litwick Chandelure!

I decided to take a break from my feverish nickname-all-born-Nincada anti-trash byte routine and hatch something simpler. I hadn't tried Gen V breeding yet, so I thought it would be nice, for a change.
I smacked a Koffing on, passed the egg move, then bred one of the first few Litwick with a Ditto for something between 200-500 eggs!

I was going to take a cap of the Litwick having just hatched, but I went to the nickname screen too quickly (and I'm also not fond of letting my Shiny "hang", saveless, while going for photographing devices).





Congratulations to all the Shinies earned and good luck with future Shinies!


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