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I am so cool, bumping a thread from over a year ago (one post didn't count!!). Because it's totally legal.

I'm on a private server now and mostly just playing for fun. Haven't even leveled up yet, haha, but I thought I'd just see if there was any talk at all about WoW on PC. And look, there was... not :p I've never been raiding or joining guilds or anything like that - I guess I'm not much of an online gamer after all, haha. I just love WoW, the races and classes and gaming system and the lore and all. And also to occasionally interact and play with other human beings, loads more fun than running around in a single player RPG imo.

So yeah, I stopped paying for WoW ages ago, some time when Wotlk was new I think :x Haven't played much since, until some year ago when I found private servers and I know it's probably illegal and whatnot but like I said, I'm a casual player so it wouldn't really be worth it for me to pay every month, as an otherwise poor college student :(

I did sign up with a free account now though, to get to test those pandarens out, haha. I love them!
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