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Nine out of ten times, I prefer Ultra Ball. There's a higher likelihood that you'll have two spare cards to discard than a Pokemon that you can't use at the time (usually happens only if you have two copies in your hand). Often times you can afford to discard draw supporters like Cheren, Juniper, etc and/or an energy or two if it lets you search for the Pokemon you need right that moment.

Pokemon Communication may be better in a speed deck with lots of strong basics, but I wouldn't find it as useful in an evolution heavy deck. It's basically the same as the BS Pokemon Trader, but thanks to Ultra Ball there's a more viable option for that. However in a deck with strong basics of varying types, Communication might let you get to the perfect Pokemon for the situation without discarding.

you may also wish to consider Master Ball, an Ace Spec that lets you search for any Pokemon without having to swap or discard. It can be an alternative to Computer Search, especially if you have 3-4 copies of Skyla in your deck.
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