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Update coming soon, Platinum is damn hard with only 2 flying pokemons ont the first gym, I have been training a magikarp for ages and I gave up at level 13 after my game crashed

Now Im just trying to beat Roark with my Staravia lvl 15 and my level 12 zubat and some battle items

Yaay! I did it!

My Staravia solo'd Roark, It took me 3 potions a Double team spam and all the battle items I could found (Attack/Def/Crit. ones)

My team Atm:
Staravia/Starter(thats his name) Lv. 16
Zubat/xBat Lv. 12
Magikarp/Hydrobird Lv.11

Now I'll head for Floaroma (orwhatever) town for the next event!

Gliscor is boss. Period.