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I agree with the above posts (Kura and Kyrul) that thinking too much on negativity will only bring you down. If you have good friends, family and a boyfriend then you must be doing something right to keep them around in your life. You can chose what attitude and what you want to do with your life but you can't chose what skin colour and height you may end up being. I was blessed with having a tall farther so I naturally inherited his height.
Being "short" or being "fat" is considered a bad thing, but I don't feel there is anything wrong with being short because you're born tall or short and that's just the way it is.
If a girl has a bit of meat to her then that's nice, but I don't feel being obese is good for anyone it just puts more strain on your joints and organs X_X !
You can chose to lose weight and exercise and if you're working on that then stick to it ! I wish you luck loosing the weight !
I eat like a horse and I am blessed to not put on much weight but I used to struggle to gain weight, so I can see how it can be a struggle to lose weight !
Also being short does have it's advantages...we proved if Kura was taken hostage she would make a very poor meat-shield for her assailant if he was my height, meaning he could easily be shot and she would survive !
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