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Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:
Thoughts on Eggman? Did you like him more as good ol' Robotnik; the funny villain who can't carry out plans very well with his dumb helpers? Or did you like him more as the "redesigned" Dr. Eggman we know today; the eviler & more serious version with crazier, brutal plans?
I like Eggman as Robotnik, but I do prefer him more as the modern Eggman. By that I mean where he poses as comic relief and doubles as a serious threat. Sorta like he was in Colors and Unleashed (at least that's how I thought of him :3).

Quote originally posted by Artificial-Insanity:
Yeah, it's normal for this place to be quiet, elija... though given all that's been going on the past month or so, it's WAY too quiet O_O
I know right.. With all the stuff announced for SLW, I'm surprised... Speaking of which, earlier it was announced that the European pre-orders will feature some exclusive stages and bosses from NiGHTS Into Dreams. I believe this will get to be a DLC add-on and Europe chose to make it a pre-order bonus, what do you think about this addition?
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