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Originally Posted by Paladin View Post
Scarf, assuming that practically all reports of rape are true is the very attitude that leads to people reporting less then accurate ones; as people will always do something if they think they can get away with it.
I disagree very strongly with what you're saying. Most rapes aren't reported because of fears that they won't be taken seriously. ("Oh, you were drinking at a party? Obviously it couldn't be rape." "Oh, you were wearing a short skirt? Obviously you were asking for it." and so on.) False accusations are outliers so I don't think you can really say that the attitudes of the population at large influence how many people engage in that practice or not. Regardless, even if someone is making a false accusation it is better to assume they aren't and go through the legal process because it is most likely that they aren't lying and it's better to have a few lies slip through that can be caught later than have rape victims being dismissed.

Alternately, I could say that not believing rape victims is the very attitude that emboldens rapists who'll think they can get away with what they do.

Anyway, it's not as if the assumption is all there is. It's just a starting point so that people will keep an open mind and not immediately dismiss a rape victim. If we accept that most of the time an accusation is made because someone really was raped then we're (hopefully) going to be much less likely to dismiss the accusation (with the "you-were-asking-for-it" and other excuses).

Of course I'm just talking about western countries. In places like the Middle East attitudes are obviously quite different.

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