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Hanso SharpEye
The Affiliates' Tunnels


Granted, it was very difficult for Pokemon to hide themselves if a nearby Psychic were to just scan for their minds, so Hanso wondered why no Affiliates came along to confront him in their tunnels. The Gallade had been moving for a while now, his mind searching for any hint of Vera or Scar. Nothing so far, aside from the minds of other Pokemon out of sight. Reckless, as usual. Just how long will this take?...

Another intersection. Hanso sighed and leaned against a wall, spreading his mental sensors through the nearby tunnels. The earth's natural resistance made it easier to imagine the layout and direct his mind, even though he wouldn't remember much of it later on. He was beginning to think it would be better to wait until he met Penance again and ask him then. And ruin the fun, 'hero'? Cummon, I'm enjoying the show here, even though--

Shut up. Found something. It was the first real lead since coming down here a while ago. Feeling less tired now that he felt a little excited, Hanso hurried down a tunnel to the left, focusing on the familiar signature. Well, more familiar than that of the Affiliates. Closer, closer... Slowing to a halt in a relatively straight stretch of tunnel, Hanso examined the signature. Despite the dark being lighter than it should have, he still wouldn't be able to find any small details. If...Scar, is it, was behind one of these walls, Hanso didn't know how to get through.

At least I know where he is. Relatively. Hm... Hanso placed a mental signal where he stood, noting the shadows wreathed through it. It took a couple minutes to establish the signal, but once he had, he could find it later on. If the Psychics didn't get rid of it while he was gone.

No worries there. I really do think your new power's making it resistant to Psychics. Not that I'd know for sure, but hey. When was Varren going to shut up? Hanso reached out again, mentally looking in the direction he hadn't gone yet. It surprised him to find another familiar mind so soon, but it wasn't Penance he'd been looking for. The Golduck seemed to be moving further away; Hanso began running toward him, looking for whatever room Penance had left.

Soon he found a door in one wall and checked that no Affiliates were closing in or hiding behind the door. Opening it, Hanso edged in to one side, eyes narrowed against the sudden light. Other than a glass wall with a hole melted in it, the room was empty. Blinking away spots, he could see that the light came from a hole in the ceiling. The surface...what's interesting about this room, though? No other Pokemon were in the room, but a closer mental look revealed lingering traces of Psychic activity, very recent. Hanso poked through the ceiling hole with his mind, beginning to scan the outside area.

There! The Gallade sprinted forward from the wall, legs pushing off the floor as he leaped for the hole in the ceiling. He reached out with one hand and grabbed onto something just outside the edge, giving him enough purchase to begin pulling himself up. Hanso hadn't stopped long enough to connect the melted glass with Vera's presence nearby.