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Quote originally posted by Alexial:
See, I fluctuate so much lol. Sometimes music is great for me (some Simon & Garfunkel yeahhh BD) and I find it very inspirational and motivating. Other times it just occupies my mind and I can't concentrate on the task at hand.
I have the exact same thing normally, if I consciously play music whilst trying to write, then it ends up being a distraction.

If I just don't think about it and the radio/iTunes happens to be playing it helps loads though - normally means I end up writing for longer.

As to Shakespeare - Twelfth Night is probably the one I know the best (from school, and seen it performed a few times). Generally though, school-English really put me off certain classics. Being forced to read and dissect a book/play/poem in a specific way was really off putting.
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