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Originally Posted by WarriorCat View Post
Hi, I know nobody here really knows me since I only post in Challenges, but I just want to say that I'll be leaving for a while.
I can't get on here on my new laptop(no internet browser, completely built for gaming), and my husband and I have a small tour with our band(playing at bars and small clubs) across the country, so no PC for me.
Although if anybody wants to add me on Steam and Origin(ilovedeino15 on both), I still have access to those as my laptop are pre-installed with those. :)

I should be back afterward, it's scheduled to end December 20, so until then, goodbye everyone.

I also won't be leaving until tomorrow morning, so if anybody's curious about our band, VM me(although I don't think anyone would care :P).
That sounds like so much fun! I really wish you the best of luck on touring across the country. We'll still be around December 20th or so, PC will always be open for you to return. <3 We'll miss you!

Originally Posted by Wind Heart View Post
After some consideration yesterday... I've made an announcement today.

I'm back to PC, again!
I really hope the advice I gave you helped at least. Welcome back! :)
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