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Amidst all the good news, this summer is slowly dwindling down to it's final days. On the other hand this RP is slowly dwindling down to it's final days as well, however I don't want to see that happen.

I must congratulate Somniac, what a great opportunity. I give you my blessing, and I send greetings from across the pond.


Is anyone still seriously interested in continuing this RP? I had a lot of great ideas, and was really excited for this plot to unfold. Due to Bleacher's absence, and summer's unavoidable power to distract humans across the world JJ really broke apart quickly.

Now, I don't know what role we have as players in order to continue this RP, seeing as our GM is missing (Hopefully he's alright) .... But I really want to keep playing with this story.

I'm interested in hearing all of your opinions regarding what we should do. Should we try to regroup our team, and keep this going under newly revised rules, or should we drop this project, and start a new RP with a new storyline & characters?

I hope everyone is doing alright, I'd love to hear from you all so fill me in with your replies. Happy August. There's is less than one month of summer left, spend it wisely!
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