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It's funny how polarized the argument is, that even bringing up the possibility of false rape accusations is perceived as rubbing the wrong way and unacceptable. Objectively, these false accusations do occur, as we've seen in the statistics provided - even though they are a minority, and that to me gives them ground to be addressed. We don't know what went on, she could've been telling the truth, or maybe she didn't. To me, there is a lot of grey area and alcohol was involved, so who knows where their intentions and thought patterns were. Personally, I am of the idea that consent, like most other things in life, isn't black and white. Yes, I guess that's on the record and I'll never have a political career if this goes to light so shoot me. But as long as you can go from yes to kinda to maybe to sorta to no, well, that's to me how you oughta treat it - conclusion being that there's no one way you oughta treat it. I know that's not very politically acceptable, but it makes sense to me.

Just making a comment about the "glass walls" in this discussion.
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