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I love seeing fakemon in games.

It's such a thrill playing a game and finding a random Pokemon that you have never seen before.
You have no idea if it evolves, what moves it learns. It makes me feel like i'm playing a game for the first time again. I personally really enjoy fakemon. I like a mix between fakemon and pokemon.
Check out my Pokemon Rom! Click the Image Below!

Also I'm currently looking for a spriter for my ROM. Someone who can make OWs and possibly trainer sprites (I might make those myself). Message me if you would like to be a part of Pokemon Battle Brown!
NOTE: You wouldn't be designing your own sprites, I would be telling you what I needed, and you would make it for me ... as appealing as that sounds. I know it doesn't sound like a fun task, but if you want to be a part of this ROM, then that's what will happen. Also I would like to see some stuff you have made before I accept your offer.
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