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Aug 22nd:

Man it's been so many days since my last journal that is because I made a slow progress to play the game i-e Only 1 hour each day of Playing that is. OK now I am ready as I lean on my PC to write the adventures I made. OK started from after defeating Clay. Got out, laughed at Clay to loss TM Bulldoze and not handling it to me which was my right.. Got out healed my team. Strted preparing for journey from Route 6 I think... Heard that there will be Lv 29 Audino and even a rare Unfezant in the grass but all went wrong as no grass shook when I passed through it. Let's forget that now.. Battled all the trainers there collecting tid bids here and there. Reached the Lab and the lab people asked for a Deerling without even saying Hello. Man as the time was running in Winter season, I was cold and the route was dull with snow falling from the Sky.Ah I forgot, I kicked Bianca's ass when I was leaving Driftveil city. Poor girl ! Should had strong team but it was below avarage for me. Also my Bagon evolved at that time into Shelgon. Enough babling, I reached Chargestone cave. Man that web was looking beautiful but that Clay came and destroyed it. It looked like he found the Bulldoze TM who he gave to me and then he ran away back. I saved my progress there and stepped inside the cave. Man how cool was those rocks were. Ah well what's this ! the shadow triad came and dragged me to N. After listening to his boring speech I journeyed furthur which included battling the Trainers and collecting the items. Here comes Profesor Juniper and Bianca. Wow what's that a Lucky Egg ! Cool !. Adding the comfort hurray for two Nuggets each , Thank you very much. OK where are those grunts.. Here they are let's battle them all. And wow I am tired now... Done ! Kicked there asses and N came again. Wow nuzlocked team, cool. I win !!Got out of the cave and Cedric juniper came with Lady Skyla. Healed my team, got out to reach Celestal Tower of course but first let's grab some items here and there in the city. The airport was amazing so I reacheed Route 7, Walked on the ledge as well on the land to clean up all the mess. At last reached the tower. Went inside and the camera rotation took my interest again here. Ah well reached top, rang the bell and went back to the city to beat Skyla. At that point I was very worried about her team as all of them were flying types and I did not have any poke who could counter her. My only hope was my Shelgon who still had that move Rock Tomb thanks to Elesa's Emolga. But when I entered the gym the cannon design took away my worries for a while as I got boomed here and there with the cannon. Also thanks to that Lucky Egg my Shelgon and Metang became quite strong after beating gym trainers and I felt quite confident. Oh well finally Skyla came into sight and after hoping for the best and saving 2 savestates and one in game save I talked with her to battle. The battle was quite fun and let me tell you guys My shelgon single handidly got all of her three pokes alone. Wow ! which meant I defeated her on my first try. Oh well ! got the badge as well as TM and I saved again afterwards. Here was my team after Skyla:

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