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Paladin, we won't learn any facts unless we entertain the possibility that a woman who claims rape was actually raped. If you believe she's lying then you don't investigate, don't learn anything, and there is no justice.

We know of the levels of unreported rapes because of things like victimizations surveys which show that when someone doesn't report a rape to the police they may report it to a non-police person such a manager, teacher, family member, etc. or not at all. This is in the US anyway. We can infer it (not reporting) is worse in countries with weaker police forces and greater amounts of lawlessness.

Basically, what I am saying is that there is what is called a 'rape culture' which makes it harder to be believed when you tell someone you were raped and hard to get justice and because a lot of people, a lot of women in particular, know this is an unwritten rule, or because they internalize the culture themselves, don't report rapes because they think nothing will come of it, they'll be targeted for making an accusation (getting themselves put on trial in the court of public opinion), or because they don't realize what happened to them was rape and/or wasn't their fault.

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