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The R/B/Y champion battle theme is one of my all-time favorites. When I first heard it, I was speechless. It was inexplicably amazing. Cherrygrove City music was my favorite in G/S/C, and also the Goldenrod City theme.

Every time I listen to the ending from R/S/E, I end up crying inside. It's way too much awesome. The outside theme of Mt. Pyre is awesome as well. Whenever I'm there, the music always inspires me to train my Pokémon. Some of my other favorite R/S/E tracks are the gym leader theme, Elite Four theme, and the rival battle theme.

The Route 201 theme from D/P/Pt is nice, as well as the Route 209 theme. From B/W, my favorite track is the Team Plasma battle music. There are a lot of other tracks that I like, but it's going to take me a very long time to list all of them. ^^"
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