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Welcome, HearttheWolf! Nice to see a huge comic fan here. :) I've only read a few, but they were pretty amazing. This is the first time I've heard of Shard, though. Ooo yeah Dark Super Sonic was rad, even if he only had a few seconds of screen time.

Pre-order DLC already? New stages and bosses revealed? That trailer looks great. Shame I don't have anyone to play the co-op with me if I get it. 8D; I still doubt I'll get a WiiU for one or two games (new Smash Bros). I only got a few games for my Wii, and I don't want to buy a fairly wasteful purchase again.

What would happen if Eggman DID succeed in his crazy plan at the end of the game, and defeated Sonic?
Wouldn't Eggman win if Sonic didn't break his control on the Deadly Six? Aww now I would pay to see that kind of ending. Lost World would be Lost World, yeah! Game over! Eggman should first avoid using gods/monsters to do his bidding.

Also, I'm happy to share with you all that we have a new co-owner now, Artificial-Insanity! Congrats!