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To me, Steven is an opportunist. He's one to value all pokemon. He's known for steel types, but he also has Armaldo and Cradily on his team. The whole, rare stones thing. :D I'm indenting for paragraphs. Since Steven is the champion, he would have access to Castform(s), and, since he is friends with (mine/you) mother, so would you. Personally, I'm tired of the professor giving you your mon and your dex. It seems tacked on as opposed to well-thought out and fun to play and write though. As for why he would give me a Castform, I have no idea, I haven't thought that far ahead yet. I've always loved Steven as a character (imprinting's at it again) and I wanted him to be the one to give (me/you) a pokemon. I feel like Steven should be a central character, vital to progressing the story arc that I'm already starting to string out, and what better way to tie him to (you/me) then to have him give you your pokemon. :D
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