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Originally Posted by Shrew View Post
There's a tradition that pokemon can never evolve with a method which was available in a previous generation. Well not never... I think there were a couple like Piloswine or Lickitung, which evolve with AncientPower/Rollout through level-up, despite knowing these moves in Gen III.

However, this is the reason why Eevee did not evolve with a Leaf Stone into Leafeon... because using a Leaf Stone in the old games never worked, Gamefreak didn't want to contradict its canon. This is also the reason why pokemon need incenses to produce new baby pokemon introduced.

I really like this idea. :D This is the favorite theory that I've heard of. (I'm really hoping that Eevee doesn't evolve into Sylveon only if it's female with Pokemon Amie, or whatever.)
Well in the demo we had a Male sylveon so no need to be female to evolve Sylveon.

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