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Since there are quite a few people that think B2W2 don't have much that separate them from the original BW, I figured i'd make this topic to ask if there was something you would have added to it that you think might have helped. So i'll start it off.

What I would have added was making the Gym Leaders and Elite Four tougher from the get-go. They could have easily gave them four Pokémon with the New Unova Dex. It would have been more productive to give them the Challenge Mode teams right off the bat (even with the same levels as on Normal Mode) then give them five on Challenge Mode. That would have let them take advantage of the new Pokémon added in.

In addition, some of the levels in the later area are kinda low. For instance, you battle Colress and his team is Level 50/52, then Ghetsis afterward is the same. I would have made him at least 52/54 like he was in the original BW (especially considering in those games you battle him after N). Also, I would have gave him a mixed Hydreigon. I get why they gave him a physical attacking Hydreigon, because Iris has a special attacking one, but they should have gave it something to hit Steel-types with, like Fire Blast, Earth Power, or if nothing else, Earthquake. I mean, Frustration? Really? With that Life Orb, it could have been as much of a challenge as ever if it could do something against Steel-types.

And the Elite Four, since the trainers in Victory Road are so high level you can easily end up over leveled above them (I was Level 60+ first time when I did because I abused the Lucky Egg, and that was with a full team).

Speaking of the Elite Four, they only had four Pokémon in the original BW, but that was because of how small the Unova Dex was. But here, they could have easily given them five Pokémon (six on Challenge Mode), and made them at least Level 58/60 and made the Champion more than one level above them. That would have made it much more interesting.

So yeah, that's what I would have added to B2W2, give the Gym Leaders more Pokémon and make the levels near the end not so close to each other. How about you guys? Discuss.
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