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Quote originally posted by lauerolus:
There is, but not in the demo. You'll have to find the SurfBoard item however.

There's three forms in total, with another form changing item "hidden" somewhere. It shouldn't be that hard to find.
If I may make a suggestion - I like the idea, but it seems rather...silly
however, what would be cool (basically I'm assuming they can learn surf and fly respectively? it would know the move and would be ridiculous for a normal pikachu - rather than that) is if you make it an event, where you get an egg, it hatches into a "special" pichu, that evolves into a "special" pikachu - it is hatched knowing volt tackle - however, you cannot erase it - when it evolves into a pikachu you can use the "ballons" and "surfboard" and when it changes form, in place of volt tackle it knows fly and surf respectively

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